GoodPlan Notes GoodPlan Notes

A simple convenient journal app to use every day!

The Notes rebranded to GoodPlan Notes
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Daily Notes

A unique feature is the organization of note space by date. Every new day we will prepare a new note for you.

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Permanent notes

You have an option to keep permanent notes for something that you need quick access to.

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Rich Editor

You have good options for formatting notes using a rich editor to make them more expressive.

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Animated Navigation

GoodPlan Notes has a unique page-by-page navigation between notes and view modes.

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Google Calendar

Integration with Google Calendar to stay updated of upcoming events.

Look at your notes from
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Daily View

In this mode, you can edit your daily and permanent notes using the Rich Editor and read interesting facts about how to stay productive and motivated.

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Weekly View

In the weekly view mode, you can get an overview of your daily notes for the whole week, as well as edit them.

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